Friday, March 10, 2017 was a very memorable night for the Garrett Museum of Art. It was the Opening Reception of our 2017 Member’s Show and it was an historic one. We had around 200 guests attending the reception, setting an attendance record for the GMoA! We were absolutely thrilled with the outcome and so grateful to everyone who participated.


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This was a juried show, one of the jurors being Professor Peter Bella. After jurying the 2017 Member’s Show, he said:

“The immense collection of member art was exquisite and extensive. The diverse representation of work is a superb example of the immeasurable talent and expression this region has to offer. The artist’s voice has been authored in this superb exhibition in vast mediums and materials, exploring a unification of consciousness and society through manifestation of perceptiveness and humanity. The prominent image Chain Bridge in Budapest by Brenda Fishbaugh has a clarity that grips the viewer into the rich darkness, yet breathes an air of brilliance in the tranquility of light. 33 Elm Tree by Fed Inman flows effortlessly into eternal woven bands of life forever to be explored on wood, while the malleable pewter of Martini/Shot Glass by Jonathan Leff juxtaposes and questions impermanence in its distinctive authority of strength and durability. Let There Be Light by Gloria Holleman continues to study our journey with validity and strength as it affirms optimism in its balance of form, direction, and light. Upholding the spirit of hopefulness and elating courage to endure continues in Daydreamer by Jessica Christian as we consider the explorative, focusing eyes against the delicate, soft color palette and poise of light. Exhilaration and unpredictability become orderly forces in Untitled through the oil pastel work of Michael Poorman as we find a sense of habitation within the niches and extruding forms. The dramatic, suspected inhibitor of Family of Art by Mark Ober invigorates life in its representation form, motion, and other-earthly compositional dimensionality. Levels of dimensionality are likewise explored in Botanical Study: I Canna Dream by Janice Furtner as texture and contrast interlace into a faraway landscape inviting exploration. Combining the paths of visual direction in Between the Houses by Nathan Taves, bids surveillance over light and shadow, line and form, brilliance and neutrality of offering a uniqueness to the familiarity of place and time. The majestic steadfastness and ever-attentive eyes gracefully residing within Poseidon Canis Aquarius by Holly Dowidat become immortal in the figurative expression of obedience to his master – this sculpture embodies essential necessities of humanity in devotedness, allegiance, symbiosis, and harmony through a graceful arrangement of well-planned emblematic articles and its foundational posture. Without exception, the works assembled within the Garrett Museum of Art by its members is an extraordinary showcase worthy of distinction.”

List of Award Recipients








Honorable Mention

Student Award: Grace Berg – “I’ll Be Up to Kiss You Goodnight”

Garrett Clipper Award: Sharmalene Gunawardena – “Promise of a New Day – Sunrise from Cadillac Mountain, Maine”

Michael Poorman – “Untitled”

Jessica Christian – “Daydreamer”

Gloria Holleman – “Let There Be Light”

Jonathan Leff – “Martini/Shot Glass”

Fred Inman – “33 Elm Tree”


We would like to give a very special thanks to Garrett State Bank for sponsoring the show as well as to CJ’s Canteena for providing us with delicious food. Thank you to all of our members who submitted their artwork as well as all of our friends and family that came out to show their support. You helped make this a memorable night!

The show will run through April 9, 2017. Special museum hours and private tours are available upon request. Please contact us if you would like to visit the museum during off-hours.

Regular museum hours:

Friday 5:00PM – 8:00PM
Saturday 4:00PM – 7:00PM
Sunday 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Our next call for entry will be for The Self, debuting in May. Keep an eye out for details!