We wish to extend our gratitude to you for your support of the Garrett Museum of Art in 2017.

The success heading into our 10th anniversary is attributed to the commitment of community members, local businesses, patrons, visitors, volunteers, and artists. We are so grateful to those who have generously donated monies, art, and their time to the museum. Achievements are only possible with members and friends like you.

Our mission to acquire works of art, exhibit art, and to educate and engage young people, is foremost in our accomplishments.

As 2018 approaches, we hope you will continue your support and share with us in these exciting experiences!

As you contemplate your annual giving or year-end donations, please remember us.

We are proud and so grateful to be a part of such a beautiful community. Thank you.



Jim Gabbard, Museum Director
Angela Green, Strategic Planning
Kasey Wallace, Marketing Specialist + Art Therapy Outreach Coordinator